Eseia International Online Summer School

Climate Friendly Bioenergy Solutions

Time: 14.—25.9.2020

Mode of teaching: online

BioeconomyThe two week programme arranged by Eastern Finland Universities together with Tanzanian partners and ESEIA network consist of lectures, company presentations, individual assignments, workshops, supervised group tasks and presentation group work results.

The student will receive comprehensive overview of environmentally friendly bioenergy solutions (by lectu-res and company presentations) and they will apply their knowledge for preparation a proposal of adapting European environmental friendly technology in Africa.


  • Introduction
  • Presentation of challenges for students group works
  • Orientation to project works
  • Soil improvement and circular fertilizer products
  • Possibilities to utilize ash as such or purified by proper processing for fertilizers and earth construc-tion materials
  • Environmental friendly combustion technologies, (testing of emission reduction technologies with fluidized bed pilot plant)
  • Regional bioenergy solution (technical solution, biofuel supply chain management)
  • Supervised group works
  • Presentations of group works

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